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Grass fires in Staffordshire blamed on vandalism

Firefighters responded to more than 400 grass fires in Staffordshire during April, blaming many on vandalism and careless behaviour.

Crews were called to 14 deliberate fires in one six-hour period in Stoke-on-Trent in early April.

Starting deliberate grass fires was not "harmless fun", the fire service said.

Supt Mark Riley from Staffordshire Police added: "Messing around with fire could cost yours or someone else's life and result in a possible prison term."

Julian Hilditch from Staffordshire Fire Service, said: "Each time we attend a grass fire incident... this affects our ability to respond to emergency calls where people's property and even their lives might be at risk...

"What the people who start deliberate grass fires need to realise is that what they are doing is not harmless fun.

"It is a serious crime and we do everything in our power to help catch those responsible."

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