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Staffordshire woman to have surgery for leg bent to chest

A woman whose leg is bent permanently to her chest says she is positive ahead of an operation which could transform her life.

Jo Day, 37, from Weston-under-Lizard, Staffordshire, will have surgery to straighten her leg at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham on Wednesday.

Risks could mean her body becoming stuck in another position.

Miss Day, whose leg is bent due to a neurological condition called dystonia, said there was no point "being angry".

Brain stimulator

Her dystonia was triggered by a fall when she was a teenager, in which she broke her elbow while roller skating.

Miss Day has a deep brain stimulator in her head with wires going down the side of her body to help control her condition.

A leg has been fixed in the same position for four years.

She said: "They could get my leg down, but then I could get a spasm somewhere else.

"So instead of my leg being bent, a knee [problem] could go to the ankle, so that the foot bends up or bends back or it could go to the other leg or my back.

"But touch wood, none of that's going to happen, because [of] positive vibes."

Her assistance dog, Kaiser, who completes tasks such as fetching drinks and medicine, will be allowed to visit her every day in hospital.

Miss Day added: "I think it takes so much energy to be down than it does to be happy.

"Just because I had this, it isn't anyone's fault, so there's no point being angry with the world or anyone else."

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