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Baby scalded by hospital midwives may need skin grafts

The mother of a baby scalded by midwives from Stafford Hospital said her daughter may need skin grafts.

Six-day-old Katie Ward was scalded on her left foot during a visit by midwives, who put the foot in a jug of water, at her home on 15 May.

Her mother Julie Ward, of Acton Trussell, said her daughter "screamed quite considerably" when it happened and that she herself "panicked".

The hospital has apologised and is investigating.

Ms Ward said she and her daughter had both been in a bedroom when the incident happened. She was having an injection in her arm and Katie was being weighed and having tests.

She said one of the midwives had put her daughter's foot into a jug of hot water that they had requested.

'Red heel'

"She didn't test it and I didn't see the other one test it," she said.

"She [Katie] screamed quite considerably. I thought I would give her a cuddle.

"But then I saw my baby's foot with a red heel and skin hanging off.

"I went into panic mode to be honest, burst into tears - I didn't believe it."

Katie now goes to Birmingham Children's Hospital every two days to get her dressings changed.

Ms Ward said the foot was healing but the family do not yet know if Katie will need skin grafts in the future.

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