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Uttoxeter: Dairy farmers hold march through town

Up to 200 people have marched through a Staffordshire town in support of dairy farmers and their bid to raise prices for milk.

The farmers, who protested in Uttoxeter, are worried cuts in the price could force farmers out of business.

Some supermarkets have agreed to pay more but farmers are worried it will not be enough.

They say milk used in other goods, like cheese, is still undersold.

Phillip Smith, a dairy farmer from Tutbury, said the concessions farmers were getting from supermarkets represents only a small proportion of what farmers' provide.

"There's still a lot of milk that goes into supermarkets that does not get this extra bonus," he said.

"All the milk that goes into confectionary, cheese, butter, yoghurt, things like that, will still be at world market prices and it will still be very difficult for all of us."

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