Lorry drivers urged to stop leaving bottles of urine

Plastic bottles on the A14
Image caption Plastic bottles containing urine are a common sight on the A14

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) is calling on lorry drivers to stop littering roadsides with bottles full of urine.

The Don't be a Tosser anti-litter campaign has highlighted the problems of "amber bottles" on the A14 approach to the Port of Felixstowe.

John Howells, eastern regional director of the RHA, said: "It is effectively anti-social behaviour.

"We tell the drivers it's something they shouldn't be doing."

Paul Davey, spokesman for Port of Felixstowe said: "We've made sure that bins and other amenities are at the entrance to the port.

"It's always difficult with any sort of behavioural change of habits that have become engrained, but you have to keep plugging away at it.

"It's not an excuse for throwing them out of the cab window that you don't know where the bins are."

Mr Howells said: "It is effectively anti-social behaviour and it shouldn't be going on and we encourage the membership to tell the drivers it's something they shouldn't be doing."

While not condoning the litter problem, Mr Howells said there was a lack of places to stop for lorry drivers.

"I can pass the message on to the other regions that we accept sometimes you have to wee in a bottle because of lack of facilities, but, if you do, don't throw it out of the window," he said.

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