Website shows rogues gallery of 'most wanted' in Surrey

The names of suspected robbers and violent criminals from Surrey have been published on a new website set up by police and Crimestoppers.

The "rogues gallery" of 15 people include those sought for attempted murder, assault and burglary.

The Surrey Most Wanted site aims to emulate the success of the national site, which has resulted in arrests.

The public can look at pictures and e-fits and view CCTV footage of people currently wanted across the county.

Tim Prideaux, chairman of Surrey Crimestoppers, said the national website had "historically been catching a criminal every other day".

"We are delighted that the Most Wanted website is now going to feature criminals wanted in Surrey.

"The site offers the public another opportunity to take a stand against crime.

"It not only helps locate criminals who have 'gone to ground' but also identifies people previously unknown to the police," he said.

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