Surrey Police arrest man after Leatherhead attacks

A man has been arrested after two women were grabbed in what are thought to be linked attacks in Leatherhead.

Surrey Police said both women were grabbed in the early hours in the attacks on Sunday and Tuesday.

Officers said the woman in the first attack screamed several times before she got away. The second woman got away after a driver stopped to help her.

Police said a 28-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault and was currently in custody.

Grabbed by dress

The first incident happened at about 0140 BST on Sunday when a 20-year-old woman was grabbed from behind and pulled into an alleyway, near the Five Rivers restaurant in Bridge Street.

The second incident took place on Tuesday between 0030 and 0100 BST when a woman was grabbed by the top of her dress, by a man who told her to come with him.

Police said a Jeep pulled up, causing the man to let go of the woman and make off towards Ashtead. The woman driver took the victim home but did not leave her contact details.

Det Insp David Cooper said: "Given the similarity of these incidents we are linking the two attacks."

He said a key line of inquiry was to identify the driver who came to the woman's aid. He urged her to contact the force immediately.

Insp Terri Poulton said patrols had been increased in the area and urged people to avoid walking home alone at night.

She said: "If you think that you are being followed, walk to the busiest place you can find, knock on a door and then call the police."

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