Staines woman praised for handing found cash to police

Police have praised a woman who handed in £200 that she found at a cash machine in Surrey.

Surrey Police said a man in his fifties took his card as he was withdrawing money from an ATM in Egham High Street, but forgot to take the notes with him.

When he returned to the machine later the cash had disappeared and he reported it stolen on Monday.

On Friday, PC Richard Parke said the money was actually found by a Staines woman who reported it to police.

He added: "I would like to thank the woman who collected the money and reported it to police for her selflessness and honest actions in preventing anyone from stealing the money and bringing her discovery to our attention.

"I know the man who had lost the money was extremely grateful for everything she did and we can only hope that her actions and integrity act as an example to others."

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