Tatsfield robbery bid targets business pair

A man and woman were deliberately targeted in an attempted robbery in Surrey in which their car was hit with a metal pipe then rammed, police said.

The victims, who are local business owners in their 50s,, were driving along Clarks Lane, Tatsfield when the attack happened on Tuesday at 1530 BST.

As they turned into Approach Road, a car overtook and blocked the road.

Two men got out and hit the bonnet with a metal pipe. The victims reversed into Clarks Lane where their car was rammed.

Det Con Lewis Flanagan said the victims' car, which was travelling in the direction of Croydon Road, was then rammed again from behind as it overtook a purple and silver van.

Erratic driving

The second collision caused signification damage to the attackers' silver Peugeot 307, allowing the victims to get away uninjured.

"We believe these victims were specifically targets," said Det Con Lewis Flanagan, who appealed for witnesses to come forward.

He said anyone driving along Clarks Lane at the time might have assumed the erratic driving was a road-rage incident.

"I am particularly keen to trace the driver of the purple and silver van, which was driving along Clarks Lane and Croydon Road, who I believe will have vital information.

"The two victims are very shaken following their ordeal and it is crucial we identify the two men responsible."

The suspects are described as black, in their mid 20s, of average build and wearing black clothing.

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