Year's work lost in fire at Brockham barn

A farm manager said a year's work was lost in an hour when a barn and 400 bales of straw went up in flames.

Surrey Fire and Rescue Service was called at 22:45 BST on Monday to Strood Green Farm near Brockham.

At its height, about 20 firefighters fought the blaze before it was brought under control on Tuesday morning.

The cause is being investigated but manager Martin Clipperton said he did not believe it was an accident. "It just doesn't catch light," he said.

"It is a barn standing on its own with no electric.... nothing, no diesel or fertiliser.

Cattle bedding

"It is a shock really, we have never had anything like this before."

Mr Clipperton said the straw was intended for cattle bedding through the winter and would cost tens of thousands of pounds to replace.

"It has taken a year to get the straw in the barn, from growing it and looking after it," he said.

"You spend God knows how long trying to get it in the barn and then it disappears within an hour.

"It's depressing trying to understand what sort of people would do this sort of thing."

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