Sail boat and coffin taken to Surrey recycling centres

A sailing boat, a coffin and an oxygen tank were some of the items people have taken to be recycled, according to Surrey County Council.

It said an 8ft polystyrene snowman, a caravan and enough postage stamps to fill two vans have also been left at recycling centres.

A tortoise that had been tipped into a green waste bin was spotted and saved.

Surrey council said residents' efforts had helped them reach their target of recycling 50% of household waste early.

Dr Lynne Hack, cabinet member for environment, said: "While we may not be able to recycle all the waste produced yet, we will work hard to treat everything we can, no matter how weird and wonderful it is.

"People may be surprised to learn just how wide the variety of materials we're able to recycle in Surrey is."

Items that can be taken to the recycle centres include wood, metal, televisions, mobile phones, low-energy light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and clothes.

The county hopes to achieve a 70% household waste recycling target by 2014.

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