Waverley council study tackles Farnham air quality

A range of measures to improve air quality in Farnham town centre are to be considered by Waverley council.

The Surrey local authority is to carry out a study funded by the government to look at how effective the different options would be.

Possible tactics include removing the gyratory system, pedestrianising some streets, cutting speed limits, and restricting lorries and loading.

Implementing any measures would be done by Surrey highways authority.

Councillor Bryn Morgan, cabinet environment spokesman, said: "This study can only highlight what the best solutions for dealing with Farnham's air quality issues may be.

"It will then be for the county council to decide what it believes is best and what it is willing to fund.

"Waverley will continue to press for the problems to be dealt with it but we can only provide the information - the county council has to fund and implement solutions."

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