Summary care records of patients in Surrey rolled out

Electronic care records for use by emergency doctors will be rolled out across Surrey following a successful pilot scheme.

The summary care records, which list basic information such as medication and adverse reactions, have been created at a GP practice in Woking.

They are specifically intended for use by emergency clinicians.

Patients are allowed to opt out of the scheme, which will be rolled out to the whole of Surrey in 2012.

It is intended that doctors anywhere in the country will have access to the records.

Christine Ratcliffe, who is the associate director for IT programmes at NHS Surrey, said: "We have the highest security around the records.

"Only NHS staff will be permitted to access the records if they are directly involved in patient care and have consent."

According to NHS Surrey, almost 10 million records have been created across the country.

"If you have a patient who arrives in A&E who is unconcious... the clinicians have to treat that patient without any information," she said.

"With the summary care records, hopefully those clinicians can look up an find the vital information they need."

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