Surrey mother-of-two 'target' for Dorking estate youths

A young mother-of-two has said she is "a prisoner in her own home" after suffering abuse from young people on a Surrey housing estate.

Carla Ward, 25, moved to the Goodwins Estate in Dorking two years ago and said she has been a target ever since.

She said she has had bricks and stones thrown at her and has been shot with a BB gun.

Mole Valley District Council said they were working with the police to try to resolve Ms Ward's situation.

Ms Ward said she believed the group of people that have been abusing her were aged between five and 25, and between 10 and 20 in number.

She lives in a ground floor flat and said that last summer both she and her son, five, were shot with a BB gun through an open window.

'Ongoing investigation'

Ms Ward, who was pregnant at the time, said: "How they even got hold of one I don't know. It hit me, it hit my son. My son was very, very stressed - he was crying and screaming.

"I feel like a prisoner in my own home. I can't really go anywhere or do anything unless I either have someone with me, or I have to look around to make sure they're not around before I go out.

"I tend not to sleep very much because I'm always worried that something is going to happen while I'm asleep and I'm barely eating because of it."

District councillor Vivienne Michael said: "We are very sorry to learn of Ms Ward's situation, and can confirm that she is on the housing list for a move.

"We take reports of anti-social behaviour very seriously, and we will work closely with Mole Valley Housing Association and the police to try to resolve such issues."

Surrey Police said: "This case is still subject to an ongoing investigation and therefore it would be inappropriate to comment on specific details at this time.

"Anti-social behaviour is a priority issue for the force and officers will investigate all reports and work with partners agencies to take any appropriate action."

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