Surrey traffic police list 'top' excuses for speeding

Traffic police
Image caption Traffic police came up with a list of the most absurd speeding excuses as part of a safety campaign

Nagging wives and toilet dashes have been listed as some of the "weird and wonderful" excuses that speeding drivers have given to Surrey Police.

They said one driver said his wife had run off with a police officer and he was trying to flee from the police car in case the officer was returning her.

Another said they had to find a toilet after eating "dodgy fried chicken".

Traffic police listed the most absurd excuses as part of a road safety campaign targeting speeding in Surrey.

But Insp Richard Mallett said: "Although these excuses might seem amusing, the simple truth is speed kills."

'Drunk passenger'

Police said one driver who thought honesty was the best policy told officers: "I was trying to get away from the cops."

A dog lover talked about his pet and said: "One of my dogs in the back is a police dog. Well an ex-police dog. Well just a dog."

And another motorist who was stopped for travelling at 130mph said: "My passenger has drunk too much and I don't want her being sick in the car."

Insp Mallett said: "It is heart-breaking to see the impact on families when we have to tell them that a loved one has been killed or hurt.

"There is no excuse for speeding and there is no excuse for trying to shirk responsibility for your actions."

The road safety campaign is being carried out as part of the county's Drive Smart campaign which was launched in 2009 after residents highlighted anti-social driving as a major concern.

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