Surrey parents denied first three primary school preferences

About 650 Surrey families did not get a place at one of their three preferred primary schools, figures have revealed.

Surrey County Council said 95% of the 12,900 children starting school next autumn got one of their first three choices and 83% got their first choice.

Councillor Tim Hall said more families were successful in landing one of their preferred choices than last year.

Stuart Williams, who did not get any of his three choices, said he had put down "realistic schools in the area".

"The school that they've sent us to we've never heard of and is probably about half an hour's drive away in rush-hour traffic," he said.

"In this economy, with the price of petrol as well, it's just absurd to ask that question of us."

Councillor Tim Hall, who is responsible for schools admissions at the Conservative-controlled council, said: "You've got to remember that not every parent is as realistic as they should be about which school.

"If you live in Cobham and you put down one of the schools in Walton, your chances of getting it are limited.

"A lot of those people who didn't get their first preference only put one school down, which is also problematic."

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