London 2012: 'Offensive' graffiti on Olympic cycle race road

A section of Surrey road, recently resurfaced for the Olympic cycle road race, has been daubed with graffiti which some people have found offensive.

A phallic symbol and the words "I love Olympics 2012" were painted on the Zig Zag Road at Box Hill.

Landowner, the National Trust, said it was looking at removing the graffiti without damaging nearby wildlife.

Andrew Wright said: "We could have done without it really, although you can't be too po-faced about it."

He added: "All road cycling has got a long tradition of people chalking things on to the road.

"We wouldn't want to take away from the atmosphere of that, but it's a shame they did it in such permanent paint and it's a shame it's the nature of what it was."

He said while some people had found the drawing offensive, many others found humour in it.

"We can't really condone such behaviour," Mr Wright said.

The graffiti has been covered in black road paint by the National Trust.

It said that if any chemicals were to be used on the graffiti they would have to be assessed to make sure that they had no detrimental effect on nearby wildlife.

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