Hollywood stars captured behind the scenes exhibited in Woking

Joan Collins with bird in a cage Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Joan Collins, pictured with bird in a cage

Portraits and behind-the-scenes photographs of more than 40 Hollywood stars are to be exhibited at The Lightbox gallery and museum in Surrey.

Taken between 1930 and 1950, the images form part of the John Kobal Foundation's collection.

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Image caption Humphrey Bogart is captured riding a bicycle in the backlot of Warner Brothers Studios around 1942

Named after the renowned film historian, the foundation is now administered by the Getty Images photo agency, which has loaned stills from the archive to the Woking-based gallery.

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Image caption Boris Karloff takes a break while filming the Bride of Frankenstein in this behind-the-scenes shot

As well as portraits of subjects including Joan Collins and Humphrey Bogart, the exhibition also shows stars in behind-the-scenes shots.

A spokesman for the gallery said the stars were contractually obliged to portray a certain image to the public. The pictures show some of the ways movie studio publicists worked to create the right image.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption The cast "horse around" on the set of Giant

The era is regarded as the classic period of Hollywood still photography, the gallery's spokesman said.

Getty Images Archive: Hollywood Photographs, will run from 22 March until 29 June.

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