Motorcyclist appeals on Facebook for Epsom life savers

Andrew Mackay being treated Andrew Mackay said the doctor can only be seen from behind in the photograph

A motorcyclist has launched a Facebook hunt for a doctor and a man who he says saved his life after an accident nearly 10 years ago.

Andrew Mackay, 35, from Morden, in London, crashed at a roundabout on Horton Lane, in Epsom, on 10 July 2005.

One of his ribs punctured his right lung causing him to choke on his blood.

A man who lived by the roundabout drove to a fetch a doctor who lived nearby. She arrived at the scene and drained Mr Mackay's lung, saving his life.

Mr Mackay said since the accident he had always wanted to thank them both.

"All I want to do is find them and say thanks and let them know I survived," he said.

"I know the doctor probably deals with with life and death situations regularly, but what they did for me was extraordinary. They basically saved my life."

Roundabout The crash happened on the roundabout heading from Chessington

He said he came off his bike at the roundabout after his brakes failed, crashing into a roundabout curb and then road signs.

Mr Mackay had eight breaks in seven ribs, broke two vertebrae, displaced his kidney and punctured a lung.

He said he finally decided to launch his appeal on Facebook on Thursday.

Since then a biker who stopped to help him after the crash has been in contact.

"From what he was saying, the medical people working on me at the time thought I wasn't going to make it," he said.

After the crash Mr Mackay was taken to intensive care where he stayed for three days.

He said he tried to find the pair a year after the accident, but the man had moved away and there was no written record of the doctor's name.

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