Surrey M25 driver watched Lord of the Rings

Ian McKellen as Gandalf in the Hobbit Image copyright Courtesy of Warner Bros. Picture
Image caption Sir Ian McKellen played Gandalf in the successful franchise

A van driver has been stopped on the M25 for watching a Lord of the Rings DVD while travelling at about 60mph, according to Surrey Police.

Surrey Police said the man was thought to have been using a portable DVD player on his dashboard.

The incident near Cobham led to a spate of Lord of the Rings puns on Twitter.

Dave Comeau tweeted: "@SurreyRoadCops Where did you stop them? Don't say Mordor ;)"

And Keithy Boy wrote: "@SurreyRoadCops and if they need to retake their driving test, advise them "YOU, SHALL, NOT, PASS!!""

Police said the Guildford man in his 30s was driving a Ford Transit van when he was stopped on the clockwise carriageway.

Traffic was flowing at about 60mph at the time of the incident, just before Cobham services at about 07:45 BST.

Officers said the man, who was the only person in the van, was reported for driving without due care and attention.

Surrey Police tweeted: "We just stopped a #Lord of the rings fan. Watching it on DVD whilst driving is not good. #points #fines #gandalf"

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