Counterfeit goods seized at Brighton Racecourse

Hundreds of counterfeit goods have been confiscated in a raid on a market at Brighton Racecourse.

Brighton and Hove City Council trading standards officers assisted by Sussex Police took the action on Monday.

Five stalls were targeted with items seized including fake designer clothes, shoes, boots, sunglasses, handbags and pirate computer games, CDs and DVDs.

If the goods were genuine the retail value would have been more than £150,000, trading standards said.

'Detrimental effect'

The fake designer labels included copies of Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Armani, Nike and Ugg.

Counterfeit Blu-ray DVDs, fake Nintendo games and CDs were also confiscated.

Jo Player, trading standards manager, said: "Trading in fake goods is not a victimless crime as some people like to believe.

"We know the criminals that make and sell counterfeit goods re-invest their profits in other criminal enterprises and evade the taxes the rest of us have to pay. It also has a detrimental effect on legitimate local businesses."

The items were removed by van and are being held while enquiries are carried out.

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