Schoolchildren approached by man in car in Sussex

A 10-year-old girl has been approached by a man in a car in Brighton and Hove - the second incident within days, Sussex Police said.

The schoolgirl was approached as she walked to school in Wilbury Crescent on Friday morning.

Days earlier, a child, aged nine, was approached in the Somerhill area by a man in a similar car, police said.

Officers said the latest incident was being treated as suspicious, but families should not be alarmed.

Covert patrols

Insp Jason Hazzard said: "It is not known what the man's intentions were, however, the child concerned reacted in the correct manner, refused to get in the car and reported the incident to the school as soon as she arrived.

"Police are treating the incident as suspicious but want to reassure children and parents not to be alarmed."

He said an investigation was taking place and police had carried out overt and covert patrols in the area.

Neighbourhood officers had also been in contact with the school and given advice to staff, he added.

Other similar incidents have also been reported to Sussex Police, but had so far been found to have an innocent explanation, he said.

Parents and guardians should encourage their children never to talk to or go with someone they do not know and tell a parent or teacher if they feel worried, he added.

Anyone with information on either of the incidents being investigated should contact the force.

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