Man injured by lightning strike to Battle home

Damaged house
Image caption The lightning struck the house in Bowman's Drive, Battle, on Monday

A 57-year-old man was taken to hospital after lightning hit his East Sussex home and then travelled through the electrics.

Firefighters said the charge hit the aerial and blew out power sockets before it injured Ralph Collins at his house in Bowman's Drive, Battle.

The man, who had been in the kitchen, was treated with oxygen at the scene, then taken to hospital as a precaution.

Crews said the incident at 00:20 BST on Monday could have been a lot worse.

'Incredibly shaken'

Leonardo Cacciatore, of East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service, said: "It was an almighty lightning strike and woke crews before we were called out.

"Upon arrival, it was deemed the building was not on fire but the lightning had struck the roof, created two holes, and blown some tiles and part of the roof and fittings away.

"We checked out the roof, where there was a lot of smoke, but nothing alight. We let the smoke out and checked for any pockets of fire, using thermal imaging cameras."

He added: "A 57-year-old man [received an electric shock] in the kitchen and had to be treated at the scene with oxygen, before being taken to hospital via ambulance as a precautionary measure.

"Everyone involved was, as you'd expect, incredibly shaken.

"The shock of the lightning bolt didn't only blow tiles off the roof, but blew plaster onto the occupant's bed.

"It was lucky the man wasn't sleeping at the time."

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