Police seek 'loan scam' contacts in West Sussex

Investigators looking into a possible loan scam based in West Sussex are trying to trace people who may have been affected.

Sussex Police said more than 40 people reported sending £80 to Swift Loans Finance, based near Gatwick airport, but never receiving the promised funds.

Two men have been arrested on suspicion of fraud and bailed until 24 August.

Det Sgt Mick Richards said the office, at Buckingham Gate, had now closed along with the company's website.

He said detectives were working with West Sussex Trading Standards officers on the investigation.

A third man agreed to be questioned voluntarily.

Credit history

"What appears to have happened is that the company placed adverts in the national press advertising loans at a very good rate of 7.2%," said Mr Richards.

"When people rang the number they went through a telephone interview and, spookily enough, whatever their credit history they were accepted and asked to forward £80."

It is believed at least 2,000 people contacted the company between April and July, when a search warrant was executed at Swift Loans Finance offices, which were in a multi-occupancy block.

"I am keen to speak to people who have been affected in whatever way," said Mr Richards.

"They may be an applicant that had money taken but did not receive a loan.

"Conversely, I would l like to speak to people who were accepted for a loan because I would be interested to know if they got the advertised rate of 7.2%."

The BBC has been unable to contact Swift Loans Finance by telephone or online.

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