Bexhill underground water mains flushed for quality

Water mains are being flushed in an area of East Sussex in an effort to ensure the quality of tap water.

South East Water customers in the Bexhill area have been told they may notice a reduction in water pressure and possibly some discolouration.

However, it said the changes would be temporary and not harmful to health.

The company said the process was part of the ongoing maintenance for all of its underground water mains to ensure the system was running "crystal clear".

South East Water said the flushing allowed "naturally occurring harmless deposits" inside the underground mains, such as iron or manganese, to be removed.

If not removed, the deposits could temporarily turn the water brown due to the much slower flow of water passing through the pipe.

Neil Hudson, water quality manager, said: "Flushing our water mains from the start to finish of our network - from our service reservoirs, which store fully treated drinking water, to the point at which it supplies our customers - is a very effective way of self-cleaning the inside of our water mains."

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