Brighton rapist's victim speaks of HIV fears

A woman who was attacked and raped in Brighton has spoken of the fear she felt at possibly contracting HIV.

Victor Agada, 24, was found guilty at the city's Crown Court on Friday and jailed for four years.

"I was trying to move him with my hands but it was impossible. I couldn't do anything because with a man being so strong," she said.

"I just was scared of being pregnant or being infected with HIV," said the woman who has been praised by police.

She said that for a month after the attack, she just felt numb and had trouble sleeping.

'Brave decision'

Worried about having caught HIV from Agada, she went for medical tests, with a friend for support.

"Fortunately it was clear and I was so happy," she said.

Speaking to the BBC about the court case, she said: "It took one year, but it was worth waiting.

"The problem was that I didn't want to see him again, and I felt that he could hurt me again.

"Every time I knew he had to go to court, to plead guilty or not guilty, it was very difficult for me.

"Now I know that he's not going to be there, I guess that will help me get over it."

Det Con Joel Brooks from Sussex Police said: "The victim's brave decision to pursue the prosecution will help to protect other women, but also sends a clear message that offenders of domestic violence will be held to account.

"It is great to see her looking to the future now justice has been done."

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