A27 driver 'played bass guitar at the wheel'

Driver on the A27 Image copyright Nichola Carr/Solent News
Image caption The car was photographed by coach passenger, Nichola Carr

A motorist has been photographed apparently playing the guitar while at the wheel of a car.

The car was being driven in stop-start traffic on the A27 in West Sussex said Nichola Carr, who took the picture while sitting on a coach.

Ms Carr said she was certain the driver was playing the guitar: "I was very shocked and surprised. I've never seen anything like it in my life."

No formal complaint has been made, a spokesman for Sussex Police said.

"Unfortunately, there is no vehicle registration number, nor is it clear if the person with the guitar is actually the driver," Insp Stewart Goodwin said.

Image copyright Nichola Carr/Solent News
Image caption Nichola Carr said the driver was stuck in stop-start traffic, on the A27

Ms Carr was on a coach, returning from a trip to Portsmouth with her daughter's school, when she took the photograph.

"The traffic was stop-start, and I was looking out of the window, and I noticed this car below and the man playing a guitar," she said.

"I told my daughter and all her friends had a look too.

"As the traffic kept moving backwards and forwards, every time the car came near us the kids would shout out 'Here comes the guitar man'."

Image copyright Nichola Carr/Solent
Image caption No complaints have been received by Sussex Police, although a spokesman said the force was aware of the photographs

Ms Carr said she did not report the incident to the police as she had not taken the car's registration number.

Insp Stewart Goodwin said: "Motorists should never do anything that distracts them from driving while on the move or in traffic."

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