Gresham residents want to lead their own regeneration

Image caption Gresham locals want to help regenerate the run-down area

Residents in Gresham have proposed a plan of their own to revitalise the run-down area of Middlesbrough.

They have set up a community land trust to bring in new homes and shops to Gresham and Middlehaven.

Trust member Ashley Marron said: "We want a community-led regeneration, not a bureaucratic-led one which you see here, it's just not happening."

Middlesbrough Council's regeneration plans began in 2005 and include the demolition of 773 properties.

Middlesbrough's director of regeneration Kevin Parkes said: "It's actually very interesting, an opportunity to both look at bringing forward development in the area, but also involving the local community and hopefully involving local labour whilst meeting the needs of residents.

"We'll be very interested to see what's put forward, and see what we can work with, with regards to that."

Middlesbrough Council made the decision to knock down the current housing in the Gresham area in 2005 saying it "does not have the variety of housing required to support a sustainable community".

The plans included demolition of current housing and shops north and west of Princes Road, and then a plan to rebuild new properties that would create more of a community.

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