Middlesbrough mother gives newborn baby mouth to mouth

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Media captionAmy O'Riordan: "I thought I'm not giving in and I just started blowing into her mouth and pinching her little nose"

A mother has told how she had to resuscitate her daughter who was born at home three months early and in the middle of the night.

Amy O'Riordan went into labour at her Middlesbrough home and delivered Jessie who was not breathing.

She dialled 999 and a team of paramedics arrived and battled to revive Jessie.

Mother and baby were taken to James Cook Hospital where Jessie, now a month old, is on oxygen but is "thriving".

Ms O'Riordan said she was in bed with partner Mark when she felt a few twinges and Jessie was born after just a couple of pushes.

She said: "I couldn't believe that I felt the need to push and ended up delivering Jessie so fast: we were in shock and called 999 for help.

"The call handler advised Mark what to do but he was in such shock that I pinched her nose and started blowing into her mouth because she was blue."

'Tiny whimper'

Redcar paramedics Colin Gibson, Michelle Trafford and Alan Barnby arrived minutes later and began chest compressions.

Image caption Paramedic Colin Gibson said his heart sank when he saw tiny Jessie

Mr Gibson said: "I saw a young girl with this tiny baby in her hands, and when she said 'please save her' my heart sank.

"We got Amy on the stretcher and placed Jess on her tummy for warmth and so Michelle and I could keep giving compressions."

A medical team was waiting at the hospital when Jessie arrived.

Ms O'Riordan added: "Just as we arrived at the hospital Jess gave out a tiny whimper, it was looking more positive.

"I was just so grateful to the amazing paramedics - they saved my daughter's life."

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