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Teesside's Parmo takeaway delicacy heads to Newcastle

Image caption The Parmo is usually served with chips and salad

Teesside's delicacy the Parmo is heading to Newcastle.

The Teessider's favourite dish of deep fried chicken topped with parmesan cheese and white b├ęchamel sauce is being put on the menu at a bistro in the city.

Originally inspired by the Italian Escalope Parmesan, the dish has become synonymous with Teesside and has become a favourite on takeaway and restaurant menus across Middlesbrough, Stockton, Hartlepool and the surrounding areas.

The Parmo is thought to have been invented by army chef Nicos Harris who first served it at his Middlesbrough restaurant in 1958.

Owners of the Chelsea Docks bistro on Scotswood Road, Newcastle, have added the Parmo to their menu hoping that diners north of the Tyne will embrace the delicacy as their own.

One of the owners Farad Maftoon, said: "The Parmo is a firm favourite on Teesside.

"Our version is just as tasty as any you would find at the home of the Parmo and I have no doubts it will become a firm favourite among Tynesiders too."

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