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'Papergirl' comes to Newcastle as art is given away free

Papergirl. Photo: www.papergirl-world.blogspot.com
Image caption Papergirl was first organised in Berlin in 2005 by Aisha Ronninger

Pictures, paintings and prints worth anything up to £200 are to be given away, randomly, in Newcastle city centre.

The event is an extension of an arts project called Papergirl which started in Berlin in 2005 and spread to other cities around the world.

In a reference to US paper boys delivering newspapers by bicycle, rolled up works of art, donated by the artists, will be handed out free by volunteer cyclists.

The artist organising the event, Carl Rosati, said: "I've had plenty of emails asking me for the route, asking me where we're going to be, big fans of a lot of the individual artists in the show.

"There's just no rhyme or reason to it, you cannot put yourself in a position to receive the work, so that's the joy of it.

"It's a complete lottery. It's completely unplanned."

Mr Rosati said he initially made an "an open call, indiscriminate" to any interested artists but was also able to "pull in some favours" to get some well-known artists involved.

All the works have been given free by artists from the north-east of England and elsewhere, including Berlin.

Image caption Organisers say the artist Novemto Komo has donated the most pieces

They now have over 500 works, about 50 of which are being exhibited at the Settle Down Café in the city centre before being given away.

Some artists have donated an individual work from their own collection, others have offered more.

Mr Rosati said: "Some artists have really just had a clear out and given us about 40, 50 pieces so there's loads, there's plenty, we'll be busy."

The organisers have paid no money or received any grants for the project, which Mr Rosati hopes will inspire other groups to undertake ventures without funding.

Even the cyclists who will "dish the work out on the streets of Newcastle" are volunteers, said Mr Rosati.

They issued an open invitation and are expecting between 50 and 70 to turn up.

On Saturday, 27 August the cyclists will congregate at the café for breakfast and bike decoration before being sent out onto the streets.

Mr Rosati said: "If you put yourself in a central place in Newcastle and look out for a huge mass of cyclists and run towards them I imagine that you could possibly bag yourself something."

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