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Libya mercy mission: Dr Tareq Etri back on Tyneside

A Tyneside doctor who is originally from Libya has returned from his home country after helping those injured in the conflict.

Dr Tareq Etri spent three-and-a-half weeks setting up eight field hospitals close to the fighting.

He left the safety of the children's ward at North Tyneside General Hospital to work with a team of multi-national medics on the front lines.

It was the second time the 46-year-old had returned home to help his people.

'My duty'

"I just felt I had to be there, maybe because my family is there, maybe just something inside me said I have to go, but I don't have a clear answer, I just had to be there," he said.

Dr Etri's mother, father, seven sisters and one brother still live in the north African country.

During his first trip in May, the paediatric specialist helped set up an intensive care unit close to the front line in the West Mountain region.

After his first visit, he decided to go back, this time manning the A&E units.

He said: "It's my duty, I don't think anyone wherever he or she is would think twice if his homeland asks for help, when his people ask for help.

"Like many of thousands of Libyans who felt they had to be there, I was one of those, a symbol of such."

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