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Thief returns TV and pays Newcastle victim £50 compensation

A burglar with a conscience returned a TV he stole from a house in Newcastle - then handed over £50 as compensation.

Thieves struck at the house in Rothbury Terrace, in the Heaton area of the city, and made off with a 32ins Samsung television from the living room.

But two days later the victim got a call from a man claiming to be the thief, who later returned the TV and gave the homeowner £50 compensation.

Northumbria police have urged the man to give himself up.

The theft occurred on 20 November, when at least two men are thought to have climbed in through an open window. They made off in a blue Peugeot car.

CCTV footage

A police spokesman said: "Two days later the victim received a call at the address from a man who said he had burgled the house and apologised to the homeowner.

"He gave the victim cash as a deposit and said he would return the television the next day.

"The following day he attended and returned the stolen television to the victim, retrieving the deposit he had left. He also gave the victim £50."

Officers are studying CCTV footage from the area which shows him at the address, but have urged him to come forward.

The spokesman added: "We've got several lines of inquiry to trace this man, which includes CCTV images and forensics and we are confident we will find out who he is so we can speak to him about the burglary.

"This situation is very unusual and he obviously knows what he's done is unacceptable by the way he's contacted the victim and returned the property."

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