Sunderland boy forms an unusual friendship

A boy from Sunderland has formed an unlikely friendship with a jackdaw.

Emmanuel Adams and his school friends were pestered in their playground by the bird until one day it took a liking to the 10-year-old's arm.

He now lives with Emmanuel at his home after hitching a ride on his head and shoulders back from school.

Emmanuel's family and friends are comparing the pair's relationship to that of the 1960s film Kes.

After Emmanuel was "adopted" by the bird, he chose to take him in and care for him.

Jack the Jackdaw now lives at his home with Emanuel.

He said: "I just stared at him when he was on the branch and he just swooped down on me.

"It was just amazing, a good experience."

'Tame nature'

The bird had pestered the children at St Mary's Primary School repeatedly until one day Emmanuel's mother noticed something unusual.

She said: "The first time I saw it I thought he was trying to attack the kids and I was trying to swat him away with my handbag - but I couldn't understand why he kept going for my little boy.

"I cottoned on it must be attracted to him - I said to my son 'put your arm out and see what he does' and the bird just sat on his arm.

"He walked all the way to school with this bird hopping on and off his arm, I was absolutely gobsmacked."

Although the bird dislikes adults, the family think it may have been hand-reared due to its tame nature.

Emmanuel's mum, Carolyn Adams, said: "A wild bird you don't expect to do anything like that and I just think it's absolutely amazing - I mean it reminded me of that story Kes the kestrel."

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