Rope 'sabotages' Hamsterley Forest track

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Media captionThe cyclist was knocked off his bike by a rope stretched across a woodland trail

A cyclist was "lucky to be alive" after he was knocked off his bike by a rope stretched across a County Durham woodland trail.

Lukasz Sikorski was travelling at 20mph when he hit the cord, which was tied between two trees in Hamsterley Forest.

The mountain biking organisation, Descend Hamsterley, said he was lucky not to be seriously or fatally injured.

It has offered a reward for help in finding the person responsible. Durham Police are also investigating.

The blue cord rope had been put up late on Saturday or early on Sunday on a steeply sloping part of the track after a tight bend.

Craig Hunter, of Descend Hamsterley, said: "By rights this user should have received serious injuries, possibly fatal.

"We stress that this is a pure attempt to seriously injure users of the facility."

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