Swindon accident victim, Karl Bauld, awarded £1m payout

A Swindon man who was severely injured in a road accident more than 15 years ago has been awarded £1m in compensation.

Karl Bauld, 23, was playing in Ramsbury Avenue in Penhill at the age of seven, when he was hit by a car.

He suffered severe head injuries, and was in hospital for nearly a month, spending seven days in a coma.

He can now walk and talk but still has learning difficulties and is cared for by his mother.

Mrs Justice Cox at the High Court hearing on Monday agreed a settlement on the basis of 87.5% liability.

Mr Bauld's lawyers claimed the driver should not have been behind the wheel because of poor eyesight and the speed they were travelling at in a residential area.

The driver's insurers have agreed to pay just over £1m towards Mr Bauld's future care and compensate him for his pain and suffering and loss of earnings.

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