Wiltshire farmer admits illegally burying pig carcasses

A Wiltshire farmer has admitted illegally burying pig carcasses at his farm near Salisbury.

Philip Harvey was ordered to pay £6,700 in fines and costs for illegally disposing of 13 adult sow carcasses at Manor Farm in Winterbourne Earls.

The intensive pig unit holds 5,980 pigs and is required to dispose of animal by-products in an approved incinerator.

Harvey admitted two offences of contravening an Environmental Permit.

The case was brought jointly by the Environment Agency and Wiltshire Council's Trading Standards Service.

It followed a report that pig carcasses were being illegally buried in manure heaps at Manor Farm.

During a site check a number of carcasses in "varying states of decomposition" were discovered.

'Too expensive'

At a formal interview Harvey said "he found it difficult to load the carcasses of large sows into the incinerator".

He also admitted it was "very expensive" to use his incinerator.

Dave Womack, from the Environment Agency, said: "The reason for this offence was purely to save money with no regard for the environment when deciding to dispose of the carcasses in the manure heap.

"Farmers must ensure they comply with the terms and conditions of their permit to safeguard the environment."

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