Laser 'shone at Wiltshire Air Ambulance' in Calne

An air ambulance was unable to take a dying man to hospital after it is believed a laser pen was shone at the pilot as he tried to land.

Wiltshire's air ambulance was called to the patient's house in Calne on Wednesday after the man, who was in his 70s, suffered a cardiac arrest.

However, it was forced to abort its landing and the man was taken by road ambulance to hospital.

He was pronounced dead at Great Western Hospital, in Swindon.

'Catastrophic consequences'

A Wiltshire Police spokesman said: "At this stage we are satisfied that the helicopter not being able to land did not affect the outcome of this incident.

"Endangering an aircraft is a very serious offence and any incident where lasers or bright lights are shone deliberately could have catastrophic consequences for the aircraft crew and those on the ground.

"Shining a laser pen at an aircraft can potentially distract or block the pilot's view from the cockpit - and this is why it is so dangerous and foolish."

The spokesman said officers were searching the area as part of their investigation.

A Great Western Ambulance spokesman said it was working with Wiltshire Police over the incident

"Patients in cardiac arrest are clearly suffering an immediately life-threatening emergency and our commitment is to ensure they have the best chance of surviving and recovering. An air ambulance can play an essential role in helping us do that," he added.

A Wiltshire Air Ambulance spokeswoman declined to comment on the incident as it was now a police matter.

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