Salisbury helicopter crash pair released from hospital

Two men have been released from hospital after a helicopter crash in Wiltshire.

Police said a third man is still being treated at Salisbury District Hospital after suffering a back injury.

The helicopter crash-landed in woodland near the Churchfields Industrial Estate in Salisbury on Tuesday.

Earlier the wreckage of the Gazelle was removed from the site. The Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) has started an investigation.

'Fluffy tree'

One of the men released from hospital was Andrew Ridings, a businessman from Marksbury in Bath, who was piloting the aircraft.

He said he had a "split second" to decide where to carry out an emergency landing after the engine stopped delivering power at a height of about 60ft (18m).

"My choices were a river or a tree, so I picked the fluffiest looking tree," he said.

"The aircraft fell through the tree and then hit the ground."

"The adrenaline kicks and you just do your best. It's 10% percent skill and 90% good fortune, and somebody was smiling on us that day."

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