Cuts of £1.8m are planned for Wiltshire's fire service

Concerns have been raised over £1.8m planned cuts to Wiltshire Fire and Rescue that have to made by 2014.

A public consultation, which begins on 5 March, has proposed new contracts for retained firefighters and changing shift patterns for full-time staff.

Fire bosses have said staff are being consulted ahead of the formal review.

But the Fire Brigades' Union said the new contracts for retained staff would remove the flexibility and hinder their opportunities with other employers.

Union spokesman, Brent Thorley, said: "It sounds like the fire service want to become the primary employer for retained staff, so that would remove the flexibility and it would hinder their opportunities with other employers.

"Also the amount of money they are talking about is probably half of what they are on now."

A spokesman for the service also said they wanted to emphasise that the proposals do not involve closing any fire stations, losing any fire engines and they would ensure fire cover was maintained or improved.

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