Swindon loyalty card attracts just 1,500 shoppers

A loyalty card scheme to encourage more shoppers into Swindon's town centre has attracted just 1,500 shoppers.

About 75 stores have signed up to the My Loyalty Card initiative to offer shoppers discounts.

But less than 10% of the 20,000 cards, available from various locations in the town, have been taken up.

Kirsty Heber-Smith, of town centre management company InSwindon, said despite the low take-up "we've still got to be positive".

The scheme, aimed at promoting the town's businesses and giving incentives to residents to shop locally, was launched on 30 June.

"It's only been going six weeks and it's been quite a slow launch," said Ms Heber-Smith.

"We're still trying to build up the clientele and getting the shops to sign-up.

"But it's trying to get the shops to realise the benefit as well as the shoppers and, with the economy the way it is, that it is going to be a benefit for the town."

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