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North Yorkshire Police chief says jobs will go

The chief constable of North Yorkshire Police has said jobs will go at the force as a result of government cuts.

Grahame Maxwell said anticipated cuts of up to 25% in police budgets nationally would mean an annual loss of £6m for the county.

He said: "One of the things we do know about policing, if we make savings... it's got to be in people."

Mr Maxwell said he hoped the losses would go through "natural" wastage, such as retirements or resignations.

His comments came as the Chief Inspector of Constabulary, Sir Dennis O'Connor, said in a report that a third of forces in England and Wales were not prepared for budget cuts.

Mr Maxwell said he could not guarantee that front line policing jobs in North Yorkshire would be protected.

He said the force had been planning for the cuts for the past three years and had gone through some "major restructures".

"For some time we've realised that we're going to get less money than we have currently got," he said.

"We're going through some major work now which is looking at what our back office looks like, how many people we've got in personnel and how many we've got in finance and can we do it differently."

He added: "We will at some time reduce the number of people who are working for the force, but what we want to do is to do it through what's termed natural wastage - as people come to the end of their service we don't replace them.

"We're trying as much as possible to maintain the number of Pcs we've got. What we can't do at this point is guarantee that 100%."

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