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Teenager robbed and pushed off York bridge into river

Police said a gang who robbed a teenager and pushed him off a bridge into a North Yorkshire river, could have had "death on their consciences".

The 18-year-old victim fell about 26ft (8m) into the River Ouse after four men stopped him while he was riding across Clifton Bridge in York.

Police said it was lucky he was able to swim to safety and did not hit his head otherwise he could have died.

Officers are viewing CCTV following the incident early on Saturday.

North Yorkshire Police said the man initially went under the water but managed to get out of the water without injury.

PC Pauline Law, from the York Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: "This was a dreadful incident which could easily have ended in tragedy.

"It is simply down to good fortune that the victim was able to swim to the shore.

"If he had hit his head or got into difficulties in the water, then the offenders would have a death on their consciences as well as the robbery itself."

Witnesses or anyone with information are being asked to contact police.

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