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North Yorkshire Police face £1.3m bill for riots

North Yorkshire Police face a bill of £1.3m for providing support to other forces during the London riots.

An unconfirmed number of officers from North Yorkshire were sent to London and other major cities in August.

The county's police authority have been told the cost of that support is estimated to be £1.3m.

North Yorkshire Police said it was initially unsure it could reclaim the money but later said it would bill other forces and the Home Office.

The authority's financial director had initially said in a report it was "uncertain" whether the force could recover all the money.

In the report to the police authority, Gary MacDonald, director of financial services, had said: "The recent operations in relation to civil unrest have incurred significant cost with uncertainty in relation to the sums to be reimbursed via the mutual aid system."

'Special police grant'

But the force has now moved to clarify their understanding of the position and said: "North Yorkshire Police will be applying for reimbursement of the cost for providing mutual aid to a number of forces during the August disturbances.

"Under a national agreement, all UK forces have an obligation to provide mutual aid in respect of major emergencies.

"Under the agreement, part of the cost of this can be recovered from the force who made the request.

"The unprecedented demand for aid cast doubt over whether these costs would be recoverable.

"Since then, chief constables have agreed to submit their invoices in accordance with Association of Chief Police Officers [ACPO] guidance on charging, to recover their costs from those police forces that received mutual aid.

"North Yorkshire Police will work with North Yorkshire Police Authority to prepare an application for a special police grant from the Home Office in respect of the remainder of the costs which are not recoverable under the mutual aid agreement."

Mutual aid would not cover the costs of maintaining a visible police presence on North Yorkshire's streets during the disturbances in August.

The Metropolitan Police Authority said it was facing a bill of £35.5m for the London riots so far, which includes a mutual aid bill from other forces of £10.5m.

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