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Scarborough investigation into possible chemical leak

Investigations into a suspected chemical leak at a beck in Scarborough are under way.

People living near the Weaponness Valley coach park have been advised to close doors and windows due to the strong smell.

The Environment Agency and Scarborough Borough Council have taken water samples in an attempt to identify the cause of the pollution.

The investigation began after residents complained about an unpleasant odour.

Wildlife concerns

Leigh Hogan, from the Environment Agency, said: "We are taking water samples to find out what the substance is, and have placed absorbent booms in the water to try and stop the pollution from moving further downstream.

"We're currently waiting to see from our investigation what the environmental impact of this incident is on the beck and local wildlife."

Scarborough Borough Council is advising the public to keep children and pets away from the area until the investigation has been concluded.

The authority has also told residents to keep doors and windows closed to reduce the chances of smells entering their homes.

Work is currently being carried out on the former gas works land at the back of the coach park, which is the prospective site of a new depot for Scarborough Borough Council.

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