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Scarborough wildlife checked following 'chemical leak'

The impact of Scarborough's recent chemical leak on wildlife is being investigated by water samplers from the Environment Agency (EA).

The EA confirmed on Sunday that a beck in Scarborough had been polluted by "high levels" of chemicals.

An investigation was launched last Thursday following complaints by people living near the stream, on Weaponess Valley Road.

Residents complained of headaches and sore throats.

They agency said test results showed it was "highly likely" that work at a nearby former gas works had caused the leak.

Water samplers are checking the health of the biodiversity in the beck.

Stephen Richardson, from the EA, said: "They will check the bed of the stream and they can judge on whether anything has died and when it died and that can lead us to pinpoint if this actual event did have such an impact on this stream."

The EA is urging people to keep away from the stream until further notice.

Mr Richardson said the agency was in "close contact" with Yorkshire Water and Scarborough Borough Council about the incident.

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