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Police in Scarborough to target town's problem drinkers

Police in Scarborough are asking for new powers to target problem drinkers in the town.

Scarborough Council will decide whether to grant a six-month dispersal order, which would allow police officers to order street drinkers to leave the area for 24 hours or face arrest.

If approved, the order will apply to streets around Northway in the town centre.

A council officer said the action was in response to calls from traders.

Barry Graham, Scarborough Borough Council's crime reduction and anti-social behaviour co-ordinator, said: "There is a significant problem with older people who are drinking in the town centre.

"These are groups of people in their 30-plus age group who are causing problems for residents, people passing through the town centre and for traders through their anti-social behaviour.

"They're drinking, they're being abusive to people as they are passing and causing a general nuisance."

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