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Hambleton group offers help to tackle abuse

Community safety campaigners are using Valentine's Day in North Yorkshire to highlight the plight of hidden victims of abusive relationships.

Hambleton and Richmondshire Community Safety Partnership is putting posters up across the area offering help for the victims of domestic violence.

The group said Valentine's Day should be about "romance and not violence" behind closed doors.

The group said victims could ring 01904 646630 or 01609 749123 for help.

'Can destroy you'

A victim of domestic violence in the area, Christine, said the campaign had an important message.

She said: "Suffering in silence can destroy you, I want people to know that it is all right to speak out.

"There is a lot of help available and victims must find the courage to get it."

Wendy Hardy, who co-ordinates help for the victims of domestic abuse in the Hambleton and Richmondshire area, said: "We want people to know there is help locally.

"Domestic abuse is never acceptable and you don't have to put up with it."

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