Who were the 'Disappeared'?

The IRA admitted in 1999 that it murdered and buried at secret locations nine of the so-called Disappeared.

Seven of these bodies have been confirmed as found but others remain missing.

Searches have been carried out by the Independent Commission for the Location of Victims' Remains, established in 1999 by treaty between the British and Irish governments to obtain information in strictest confidence which may lead to where the bodies are buried.

BBC News looks at the stories behind the Disappeared.

Disappeared graphic

Those found

Eamon Molloy: Abducted from his home in the Ardoyne area of north Belfast in July 1975, after being accused by the IRA of being an informer. It was claimed he was quartermaster in one of the IRA's three Belfast brigades and that his activities forced the IRA into calling a ceasefire that year.

His body was discovered in a coffin left at Faughart graveyard near Dundalk, County Louth in 1999. after IRA intermediaries passed information to the commission for the location of the victims remains. 'Disappeared' victim identified

Brian McKinney

Brian McKinney: Twenty-two when he was abducted with his friend John McClory in 1978, he had first gone missing a few days beforehand, but returned 48 hours later, beaten and distraught. He had allegedly admitted to stealing IRA weapons for use in robberies.

His parents made him give back the money and it seemed the matter had been "resolved", but when he failed to return home from work soon after, his family began to fear the worst. His body was uncovered in a bogside location in County Monaghan in 1999. 'My tears for Brian'

John McClory: The 17-year-old was friends with Brian McKinney and went missing at the same time. His body was also recovered at the same site. Body finds encourage searchers

Jean McConville

Jean McConville: The widowed mother-of-10 was killed in 1972. After numerous searches, the 37-year-old's remains were finally found at Shelling Hill beach in County Louth in August 2003.

Body is that of 'Disappeared' victim

IRA 'was wrong' over bodies issue

Danny McIlhone: The west Belfast man went missing from his home in 1981. The IRA said Mr McIlhone was not suspected of being an informer but was being questioned about stealing weapons - it was claimed he was killed in a struggle with the person who was guarding him.

Remains discovered in the Wicklow mountains in November 2008 were confirmed as his. It followed two previous unsuccessful searches - in 1999 and 2000 - for his remains.

Family of IRA victim 'at peace'

Charles Armstrong

Charles Armstrong: The 57-year-old father-of-five from Crossmaglen in south Armagh, went missing on his way to Mass in 1981. His car was later found near a cinema in Dundalk. The IRA denied any involvement in his disappearance at the time. A team looking for Mr Armstrong found human remains in County Monaghan in July 2010. Two months later, the remains were confirmed as being those of Mr Armstrong.

Widow's relief as remains found

Fresh 'Disappeared' search

Peter Wilson

Peter Wilson: Described as a vulnerable person with learning difficulties, he vanished at the age of 21 from his home in west Belfast in 1973. Reports suggest he may have been abducted and murdered by the IRA. His name was added to the list of the Disappeared in 2009 after new information became available.

For four days before he disappeared he lived with an Army unit at their headquarters near his Falls Road home. At the time the Army was accused of using a vulnerable person to gather information on the IRA, but the Army said they wanted him to experience military life.

His remains were found at Waterfoot beach in County Antrim in November 2010.

Fresh 'Disappeared' dig announced

Remains were 'Disappeared' man's

Inquest into 'Disappeared' death

Gerard Evans

Gerard Evans: Last seen hitch-hiking in County Monaghan in March 1979, no-one has ever admitted responsibility for the 24-year-old's death. In March 2008, his aunt was given a map claiming to identify the location of his body. Mr Evans' remains were found at a site in County Louth in October 2010.

A poignant conclusion

Appeal from Disappeared searchers

Remains confirmed as Gerry Evans

Eugene Simons: The 26-year-old went missing from his home near Castlewellan, County Down, on 1 January 1981. His body was discovered by chance in May 1984 in a bog near Dundalk, County Louth.

Brendan Megraw: The IRA claimed that the 24-year-old from Belfast confessed to being a British provocateur and Military Reaction Force undercover agent in 1978.

Remains confirmed as Disappeared man

Still missing

Kevin McKee

Kevin McKee: An IRA member, the Belfast man was alleged to have been a British army agent and member of its Military Reaction Force, an undercover unit. He was interrogated and murdered by the IRA in 1972.

Columba McVeigh

Columba McVeigh: The 19-year-old from Donaghmore, County Tyrone was abducted and murdered by the IRA in 1975 after allegedly confessing to being a British army agent with instructions to infiltrate the IRA.

Extensive searches for his body were carried out in 2003 at a bog in Emyvale, County Monaghan, but nothing was found. His mother, Vera, was a tireless campaigner for the return of his remains - she died in 2007. Mother of Disappeared victim dies

A specialist forensic team spent five months in 2013 digging in a bog in County Monaghan for Mr McVeigh's remains, but found nothing.

Seamus Wright: The Belfast man was an IRA member, but in 1972 he was interrogated and murdered by his former colleagues who accused him of being a British army agent and a member of its Military Reaction Force.

Seamus Ruddy

Seamus Ruddy: The 32-year-old from Newry, County Down, was working as a teacher in Paris when he went missing in 1985. It is believed he was killed by members of the INLA. Fresh searches were carried out in 2008 after his family were told his remains were in a forest in Normandy, but they found nothing. Family of INLA murder man misled

Captain Robert Nairac

Captain Robert Nairac: The SAS-trained officer was abducted by the IRA in Jonesborough County Armagh, in May 1977. The 29-year-old was abducted when he visited a pub at Dromintee, south Armagh. He had been in the pub singing rebel songs. He was seized during a struggle in the pub's car park and taken across the border to a field at Ravensdale, County Louth, and later shot dead. McGuinness in Nairac body appeal

Joe Lynskey

Joe Lynskey: A former Cistercian monk from the Beechmount area of west Belfast, he later joined the IRA. Mr Lynskey went missing in 1972, and republicans have claimed Mr Lynskey was "executed and buried" by the IRA. Commission to probe Lynskey death

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BBC News NI Live

    11:31: Police win 'Winkie' tapes case:

    Police have won the right to listen to Boston College interviews by loyalist Winston "Winkie" Rea.

    Winston Rea

    However, for now, the tapes remain secret to allow for a possible appeal.

    11:18: Driver assaulted:

    The driver of a gritter who was instructed to drive his lorry to the Strand Road police station by a gang of masked men was assaulted by one of the men when he refused to do so.

    Madams Bank Road Derry

    The driver was told that an object had been placed in the lorry but when it was subsequently examined by police no object was found.

    11:07: Robinson's west Belfast reaction:

    DUP Leader Peter Robinson tweets: Running the media gauntlet as I left the Kennedy centre. Great event. I want more jobs for everyone in NI.

    Peter Robinson
    10:57: Fake money in Londonderry: Derry Journal

    The Derry Journal reports on a warning that fake money is being circulated in Derry.

    A collection of £10 notes

    It's understood counterfeit £20 notes have been circulating over the last 48 hours.

    10:44: Police win right to listen to Boston tapes Mark Simpson BBC News NI

    Police have won the right to listen to Boston College interviews by loyalist Winston 'Winkie' Rea but in case there is a further appeal, the tapes will remain secret.

    Winston Rea

    Police were in court with a bag to take away the tapes but they've been told to wait in case Mr Rea's legal team appeals to the Supreme Court.

    10:36: Experience of crime findings:

    The Department of Justice has released details of a survey about the experience of crime findings for 2013/14. Among the crimes classified are domestic burglary, theft and assault.

    Burglar picking a lock

    In Northern Ireland, 10% of all households were victims of at least one crime - in England and Wales, 17% of households were victims.

    10:24: Road reopened:

    PSNI Road Policing tweets:

    10:17: Graduates better off:

    The Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency has released a labour survey that shows that full-time graduates earn nearly £300 a week more than full-time non-graduates.

    Weekly pay
    10:06: Butcher fended off robbery attempt: Newtownabbey Times

    The Newtownabbey Times reports that a butcher has saved his store's bacon after fending off a hatchet-wielding robber who aimed to make off with their takings.

    Ballymena's Jonny Blaney, saw off the robber just before Christmas but it's only come to light after customers spread word of his exploits.

    09:56: Spring in the air:

    There are definite signs that spring is in the air now. The mornings are getting brighter that little bit earlier, as you can see from this picture Samuel Glover sent to us at 07:30 this morning from Saintfield.

    Sunrise in Saintfield

    You can send us your pictures and comments by emailing bbcnewsni@bbc.co.uk

    09:46: Shooting incident in west Belfast PSNI

    Police say that a shot was fired at the front door of a house in Springfield Avenue in west Belfast last night at 20:00.

    No-one was in the house at the time of shooting and there are no reports of any injuries.

    09:37: Masked men stopped gritter

    The Department for Regional Development has confirmed that a gritter in the Londonderry area was stopped by masked men this morning and an object was thrown into the hopper.

    The driver was told to go to Strand Road police station and abandoned the vehicle on the Madams Bank Road.

    09:35: Worker threatened: BBC Radio Foyle

    SDLP councillor Brian Tierney says a worker was threatened this morning by masked men and ordered to take a suspect package to Strand Road Police Station in Londonderry.

    Mr Tierney told BBC Radio Foyle that he believes this led to the security alert earlier on Madam's Bank Road in the city.

    09:31: Investment in NI: Louise Cullen BBC NI News

    Peter Robinson has told a business community audience in west Belfast that 70% of companies that invest in Northern Ireland then re-invest.

    Business breakfast

    The first minister is addressing the business community at the Kennedy Centre in west Belfast.

    09:28: Corporation tax rate assumption:

    BBC News NI business correspondent Julian O'Neill tweets:

    Corp tax
    09:24: Bomb victim picture: Irish News

    The Irish News front page carries the first picture of south Armagh man, Francis McCabe Jr after he was injured by a bomb near Crossmaglen in County Armagh on Wednesday.

    Injured man pic
    09:14: Road closed:

    PSNI Road Policing tweets:

    Bangor road closure
    09:12: Aer Lingus takeover latest:

    IAG Chief Executive Willie Walsh tells BBC News that the firm doesn't foresee "many, if any, competition issues" from the EU competition commission in its bid to take over Aer Lingus.

    Aer Lingus plane tailfins

    Mr Walsh said: "We think Aer Lingus is a good company, and we think Aer Lingus can be a significantly better company as part of IAG."

    09:02: Robinson to address west Belfast: Julian O'Neill BBC News NI Business Correspondent

    BBC News NI business correspondent Julian O'Neill tweets: First Minister @DUPleader about to address a west Belfast business audience for the first time. With @PaulMaskeyMP

    Robinson Maskey
    09:00: Gambling series on Radio Foyle:

    Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness tweets:

    McGuinness tweet 27 Feb 2015
    08:54: Bank of Ireland returns to profit: John Campbell BBC News NI Economics & Business Editor

    Bank of Ireland made a profit of €921m in 2014 compared to a €564m loss in 2013.

    Bank of Ireland

    The performance included a big drop in the amount it had to set aside to cover bad loans. The bank said its Northern Ireland business made "a modest profit".

    08:45: Not Dad's Army archive: BBC NI Archive

    Some great archive about the Home Guard in Northern Ireland, including a recruitment film and some footage of their training from the 1940s.

    Major General V.H.B Majendie, commanding officer for Northern Ireland, appeals for support for the Ulster Home Guard in this recruitment video from 1942.

    On BBC Radio Ulster at 12:30 on Sunday 1 March Not Dad's Army - Northern Ireland's Home Guard will tell the story of Northern Ireland's home defence organisation during World War Two.

    08:35: Robinson and Foster visit west Belfast:

    First Minister Peter Robinson and Minister for Enterprise Arlene Foster are attending an event organised by the business community in west Belfast this morning. The first minister is addressing a business breakfast being held in the Kennedy Centre.

    Peter Robinson

    West Belfast MP Paul Maskey told Mr Robinson and Ms Foster: "Your presence here sends a very important message to all the people of this area."

    08:28: Housing association concerns: Good Morning Ulster

    A support worker at a Ballymoney housing association says long hours and challenging working conditions are having a negative effect on staff and the people they care for.

    Susan Scullion works for the Triangle Housing Association and she was addressing the Social Development Committee at Stormont yesterday.

    GMU 27 Feb 2015

    Chief Executive of Triangle Chris Alexander said: "Triangle will now complete a thorough investigation of the concerns raised publicly by this staff member."

    08:26: Day care centre reduction proposed: Derry Journal

    The Derry Journal reports that the Western Trust has issued fresh proposals to reduce the number of day care centres in Londonderry.


    If the trust's plans go ahead, services at Foyleville on Academy Road and Fanad Drive in Creggan will merge into a single centre.

    08:13: Northern Ireland's Home Guard: Chris Capper BBC News NI

    During World War Two, home defence organisations were created across Britain but the same infrastructure in place across the water did not exist in Northern Ireland.

    Comber Home Guard

    Northern Ireland rallied however to form its own Home Guard but there were only 150 Catholic recruits out of a total of almost 40,000 men. You can hear the full story of Not Dad's Army, Northern Ireland's Home Guard on BBC Radio Ulster this Sunday at 12:30.

    08:04: Housing association concerns:

    BBC News NI reporter Laura Trueman tweets:

    Ballymoney housing
    07:54: Eagle death investigated:

    The remains of a white-tailed eagle have been discovered in County Fermanagh, it has emerged.

    A white-tailed eagle in mid-flight

    The bird was found in the Newbridge Road area of Lisnaskea on Saturday 7 February. Police are trying to find out how it died.

    07:44: Security alert over

    Madam's Bank Road in Londonderry has reopened after a security alert. Nothing untoward was found.

    07:40: Icy start, damp evening: Cecilia Daly BBC News NI Weather Presenter

    There's some frost and ice around this morning meaning an ice warning is in place.

    Weather 27 Feb 2015

    There will be some sunshine. It'll be bright, crisp and mainly dry but this afternoon it will turn more cloudy as some patchy rain arrives. It could be a damp evening this evening.

    07:38: Multiple crashes on M1: BBC NI Travel

    Police have told the Traffic Control Centre that there may have been seven or eight crashes on the M1 already this morning, with conditions very bad between junctions 15 and 13.

    07:30: Irish language respect must be 'earned': News Letter

    The News Letter reports that a leading Orangeman has said Sinn Féin's attitude towards the Irish language is serving to alienate unionists and increase division.

    David Hume

    Dr David Hume said the onus was on the republican party to earn respect for the language rather than forcing it on to people.

    07:21: Security alert:

    There is a security alert on the Madam's Bank Road in Londonderry. The road has been closed and traffic diversions are in place

    07:20: McIlroy makes laboured return: BBC Sport NI

    World number one Rory McIlroy struggled on his USPGA Tour debut for the season at the Honda Classic in Florida.

    Rory McIlroy

    The 25-year-old ended the first day eight shots behind leader Jim Herman, who recorded a five-under-par 65.

    07:13: Tyrone unchanged: BBC Sport NI

    Tyrone have named the same team that defeated Mayo for Saturday's Division One derby against Derry at Healy Park.

    Mattie Donnelly

    Manager Mickey Harte's selection means that Mattie Donnelly's switch from defence to attack is set to continue.

    07:07: Executive agrees new departments

    The Northern Ireland Executive has confirmed that it has unanimously agreed the names of the nine new Stormont departments that will replace the current 12 in 2016.

    Stormont talks

    First Minister Peter Robinson is to make a statement to the assembly setting out the new arrangements.

    07:03: No free school transport: Maggie Taggart BBC News NI Education Correspondent

    A group of parents in Lurgan, County Armagh, have said they feel they are being bullied into sending their children to a new all-ability school.

    Child drawing

    St Ronan's College will merge three schools in the town. It's called a grammar school but will not use academic selection.

    07:01: Self-harm cases on the rise:

    There were more than 12,000 attendances at hospital emergency departments in Northern Ireland in the past financial year for self-harm and suicidal thought, according to a new report.


    The NI Registry of Self-Harm annual report is due to be launched by the Public Health Agency later.

    07:00: Good morning! Ciaran Daly BBC News NI

    Good morning and welcome to BBC News NI Live. We'll be bringing you all of the latest news, sport, travel and weather from across Northern Ireland up until 19:00 this evening.



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