Northern Ireland

Company director awarded £68,000 for wrongful dismissal

A security company director sacked when it got into financial difficulties has been awarded £68,000 for wrongful dismissal and breach of contract.

Andrew McAllister worked for Greenhills Security Products in Belfast.

The company was ultimately controlled by a Dublin-based firm, Aviva Security Distribution.

In July 2009, Mr McAllister was summoned to a meeting with Aviva bosses at which he was told he was being let go because of lack of business.

He was paid up until the end of the month, but despite repeated requests he was not paid any money due to him for notice, holiday pay, pension or health insurance.

He also asked for a chance to appeal the decision but despite repeated promises that never happened.

The company did not contest Mr McAllister's claim.

The employment tribunal, which heard Mr McAllister has not been able to find a new job, ruled he was entitled to "a sizeable compensatory award" for loss of earnings.

Aviva Security Distribution was placed into receivership by its bankers last year.